Dec 28 2005

Wednesday – December 28, 2005

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Sundown Towns
GUEST: James Loewen, author of “Sundown Towns, a Hidden Dimension of Racism in America,” “Lies Across America,” and “Lies My Teacher Told Me”

Sundown TownsFrom Maine to California, thousands of communities across the United States kept African Americans, or sometimes Chinese Americans and Jewish Americans out of their towns by force, law, or custom. These communities are sometimes called “sundown towns” and they are a little known facet of American history that has tremendous relevance today for all-white suburbs and neighborhoods. Our guest today is historian James Loewen here to discuss his latest book called “Sundown Towns, a Hidden Dimension of Racism in America.” Jim Loewen taught race relations for twenty years at the University of Vermont. Previously he taught at predominantly black Tougaloo College in Mississippi. He now lives in Washington, D.C., continuing his research on how Americans remember their past. His previous books include the award winning and very influential, “Lies my teacher told me,” followed by “Lies Across America.”

Sonali’s Subversive Thought for the Day:

From the national bestseller, Lies My Teacher Told Me, James Loewen once wrote; “Citizens who are their own historians, willing to identify lies and distortions and able to use sources to determine what really went on in the past, become a formidable force for democracy.”

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  1. Lloyd Reighleyon 28 Dec 2005 at 10:38 am

    In response to your “Sundown Towns”
    program. One of the reasons those of us
    who are anglos do not want Blacks,
    Mexicans,Arab types etc. in our communities is the crime, lawlessness and riffraff you people bring with you. Our little community here in N.San Diego County was mostly anglo for many years. and hardly any
    crime. Now we have to keep our windows and doors locked. Why? Because we now have a crime problem
    brought about by the influx of Mexicans. Our house was burglerized
    by; guess who? that’s right, a Mexican.
    We also now have a Mexican gang problem. Our landlord told me he will
    no longer rent to mexicans and Arab types because they can’t be trusted.
    The manager of a mobile home park
    recently told me he had to throw out
    a subversive Latino group for using
    the club house to teach Latino children to hate anglos and to be
    disrespectful to our police. This is despicable. And you wonder why we don’t want you people around. These
    are facts that cannot be disputed.

  2. WANNETTAon 29 Dec 2005 at 11:18 am


  3. Pissed off soldieron 05 Jan 2006 at 3:51 am

    F*** both of you dumbasses.Blacks and Mexicans are the ones dying in Iraq right now while you sit on here and complain.Blacks and Mexicans are the ones whos blood built this country and continues to do so.Without Mexicans working in agriculture and meat packing plants, this economy would suffer.Im sick and tired of racist people because if u look at the world today, even if we all were the same race, we’d still find a reason to hate, ie.”I hate them because their blonde or I hate them because their brunette.

  4. jeremyon 21 Feb 2006 at 7:40 pm

    hey im from cullman county it is a little segregated but it is a very nice town we dont have to worry about goin to school with people that just want to start trouble but now its changin and other people are coming in and startin to destroy our way of life and sorry buddy but i have white friends in iraq right now and i even had a friend die over there so dont ever say stupid comments like that you must be the most ignorant human being ever white southern boys are the first to go and the last to come home thats how it has always been just wanted to educate you folks just a little bit

  5. James Loewenon 27 Mar 2006 at 5:34 pm

    So, for a moment, let’s assume the crime rate for Mexican Americans is 3x the rate for Anglo Americans. Let’s say .9% of Mexican Americans commit a crime/year, but only .3% of Anglo Americans. Does it follow that a town in CA has the right to keep out ALL Mexican Americans? And, following the same reasoning, Cullman (which is treated in my book) has the right to keep out ALL African Americans?
    If so, the note: the male crime rate is 7x the female crime rate. So should towns have the right to keep out ALL males?

  6. concernedon 10 Jul 2006 at 9:38 am

    i think its pathetic that after all that America has gone through in the past in issues concerning racism that some people are still so…”Stupid” that they still are racist against people.How can you hate someone because of their race, skin color, or what not and how can you say because a majority or some people of the same race cause corruption that their whole race must be like that! when will people grow up and become wise. By keeping certain people away because of what others have done before you are not giving them any oppertunity to make things right.GIVE PEOPLE A CHANCE! you would be surprised at how many good friendships and neighbors you could have if you gave people a chance. Not ALL blacks,mexicans,and whites are a certain way. Their are trouble makers and outlaws in EVERY RACE!

  7. andrewon 09 Dec 2007 at 3:23 am

    f*** all yall! cullman alabama is the shit! and yea we dont like n*ggers or tomatoe pickers walking our streets. thats how its always been and thats the way it should stay!

  8. bama feveron 31 Jul 2008 at 2:34 am

    The andrew guy you make me sick and i am from cullman and i grew up in cold springs and it makes me sick that you are from cullman you are a peace of shit and i am in the service and have spent many mouths and years with people of every race. It people like you that cause more problems and using the words n*gger and tomatoe picker are you serious you peace of white shit. I sure would like to run into you when i am home.