Dec 30 2005

Weekly Natl’ Program – 12/30/05

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Our weekly edition is a syndicated one-hour digest of the best of our daily coverage.

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Taught by AmericaA Story of Struggle and Hope in Compton
GUEST: Sarah Sentilles, author of “Taught by America: A Story of Struggle and Hope in Compton”

We spend the hour today speaking with Sarah Sentilles, who wrote down her memoirs of two years in Compton, Southern California. She was teaching elementary school there. After graduating from Yale University, Sarah joined a program called Teach for America and was sent to Compton. Far from the life of privilege and the protected environment she was raised in, she found herself in charge of thirty-six first graders in a classroom without books. There she experienced her own education. I spoke with Sarah Sentilles recently and asked her to begin by reading an excerpt of her book, “Taught by America: A Story of Struggle and Hope in Compton.”

Sonali’s Subversive Thought for the day:

Burn Christmas BurnFor a Holiday special, we present a reading of an anti-capitalist critique of Christmas by satirist and poet Brian Gage. He recently wrote a book called Burn Christmas! Burn about the Workers elves in Santa’s little sweatshop rising up for their rights. For more information visit

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