Feb 17 2006

Weekly Digest – 02/17/06

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Our weekly edition is a nationally syndicated one-hour digest of the best of our daily coverage.

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This week on Uprising — a Black History special edition

  • Award winning poet and writer Nikki Giovanni shares her thoughts on black history, and the recent loss of Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, and her own mother.
  • Former Black Panther, David Hilliard, explores the life of BPP co-founder Huey P. Newton, and his first authorized biography, Huey: Spirit of the Panther
  • Plus Empire Notes on a “clash of civilizations,” and the Black Commentator on the recent elections in Haiti.

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Empire Notes
GUEST: Rahul Mahajan, author of Full Spectrum Dominance and The New Crusade

Empire NotesEmpire Notes are weekly commentaries filed by Rahul Mahajan, author of Full Spectrum Dominance and The New Crusade. Today’s commentary is about the widespread outrage on a “clash of civilizations,”.

Empire Notes is online at www.empirenotes.org.

A Conversation with Nikki Giovanni

Nikki Giovanni, award winning poet, Professor of English at Virginia Tech.

internetNikki Giovanni is an award winning poet and writer. She was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, on June 7, 1943. She was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and graduated with honors in history from her Fisk University. Since 1987, she has been on the faculty at Virginia Tech, where she is a University Distinguished Professor. She is the NAACP Image Award winner for Literature in 1998, 2000, and 2003. She won the Langston Hughes award for Distinguished Contributions to Arts and Letters in 1996 and was the first recipient for the Rosa Parks Women of Courage Award in 2001. She has been awarded 21 honorary doctorates from various universities nationwide. Her book include “Black Feeling, Black Talk,” “Black Judgement,” “Quilting the Black-Eyed Pea,” “Blues For All the Changes.” Her CD, The Nikki Giovanni Poetry Collection, was nominated for a Grammy award. She has just completed a children’s book about Rosa Parks. I met Ms. Giovanni at the California Institute of Technology on February 9th when she spoke on campus.

After I spoke with her, she gave a lecture at Beckman Auditorium on the campus of Caltech in Pasadena to a packed audience. During her speech she shared some of her poetry.

For more information, visit www.nikki-giovanni.com.

Black Commentator on Haiti Elections

Glen Ford, co-publisher of The Black Commentator

Black CommentatorThe Black Commentator is an online political magazine bringing you commentary, analysis and investigation from a black perspective. Today’s commentary is on the recent elections in Haiti.

The Black Commentator is online at www.blackcommentator.com.

Huey: Spirit of the Panther

HueyGUEST: David Hilliard, former chief of staff for the Black Panther Party, co-author of Huey: Spirit of the Panther

Continuing our black history month coverage, we turn next to David Hilliard, the former chief of staff for the Black Panther Party. He has written a new book entitled, “Huey: Spirit of the Panther.” It is the first ever authorized biography of Black Panther Party co-founder Huey P. Newton. The Black Panther Party for Self Defense was formed in Oakland, California in 1966 and this year marks its fortieth anniversary. In the book, Hilliard details the life of one of the most misunderstood political leaders of the twentieth century. “Huey: Spirit of the Panther,” includes never before released photographs, interviews and information about a man that FBI director J. Edgar Hoover once called, “the greatest threat to the internal security of the country.”

For more information, visit www.blackpanthertours.com

Sonali’s Subversive Thought for the Day:

Malcolm X once said, “A race of people is like an individual man; until it uses its own talent, takes pride in its own history, expresses its own culture, affirms its own selfhood, it can never fulfill itself.”

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