Feb 21 2006

KPFK Fund Drive – Day 6

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ACLU Freedom FilesAs we continue our fund drive, we’ll take a look into the ACLU Freedom Files, with a focus on Civil Liberties, racial profiling and dissent in the post 9-11 era. Plus, special guest Constitutional Lawyer, Ann Fagan Ginger.

The US Senate is on track to vote on a reviser version of the USA PATRIOT Act. The Patriot Act was put into place shortly after 9-11 with a near-unanimous vote in Congress despite the fact that most representatives had not even read the entire bill. Even though hundreds of municipalities have passed resolutions against the act, only a handful of Senators, including Democrat Russ Feingold, have raised their voice in opposition. According to Feingold, the Senate made only “a few insignificant, face-saving changes” on the bill last December.

Today we bring you a special series of short films on civil liberties, by the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU Freedom Files is a ten-part television series produced by the ACLU and award-winning producer Robert Greenwald. Aiming to strip away the sound bytes to reveal how civil liberties affect real people every day, the series features clients and the attorneys who represent them, as well as actors, activists and comedians. It is produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker Jeremy Kagan.

For more information, visit www.aclu.tv.

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