Jul 31 2006

Virginity or Death!

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Katha Poliitt
GUEST: Katha Pollitt, award winning poet, essayist, and columnist for The Nation

In her newest book, Nation Magazine columnist Katha Pollitt chronicles the rise of right wing policies under the Bush administration before and after 9/11. The book, “Virginity or Death! And Other Social and Political Issues of our Time,” is a collection of 84 essays published in the Nation. The essays deal with attacks on reproductive health, war and militarism, the rise of the Christian right, gay marriage, the health care crisis, and the seeming demise of feminism as described by the mass media. Barbara Ehrenreich said, “Over the years, I’ve been outsourcing my thinking on a host of issues to Katha Pollitt. You can do it too – start with Virginity or Death! and get smarter overnight.”

Read Katha Pollitt’s Nation Magazine articles here.

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