Oct 31 2006

Conversation with Peter Camejo

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GUEST: Green Party gubernatorial candidate Peter Camejo, co-author of “California Under Corporate Rule,”

Peter Miguel Camejo of the Green Party is currently campaigning for what will be his last bid to become governor of California. Camejo has run for the governor’s office on previous occasions; most recently in the 2003 recall elections. In this year’s election race, Camejo is running on a platform that would guarantee universal health care for all Californians, enact living wages, and abolish California’s three strikes law. However, many voters are not aware of Camejo’s campaign or his platform, as a media black-out has largely ignored his campaign. Furthermore, Camejo was not allowed to participate alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Phil Angelides in their lone gubernatorial debate. In response, Camejo launched the first television and radio advertisements by a Green Party gubernatorial candidate last week. In the ads Camejo declares Phil Angelides’ campaign to be dead, and entices progressives to vote Green on November 7th in order to send a message to lawmakers. As we noted yesterday on Uprising, a recent statewide poll shows Democratic Party candidate Phil Angelides trailing behind Schwarzenegger by a double digit margin while only maintaining the support of 57% of Democrats.

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  1. JustJackon 08 Nov 2006 at 8:55 am

    Peter was right, Phil’s campaign was indeed dead, so dead, Ahnold had little trouble winning.

    Progressive Dems, wake-UP! The Green Party is your only hope. Pelosi is already wimping out on the enforcement of the law (refuses to impeach Bush) in the name of “political realism” and the Left’s “intellectual elite” like Norman Solomon are supporting her moral cowardice in the perverse same excuse-game.

    We need politicians who tell the truth. Peter consistently tells the truth. If the progressive Dems in CA shifted to Green, the era of moral cowardice would END!

    Go Peter, Go!