Oct 31 2006

Women Recall Accusations of Sexual Battery Against Schwarzenegger

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SchwarzeneggerGUESTS: Karen Pomer, of the Rainbow Sisters Project and Jane Piper of Survivors & Artists for Abolishing Violence

During Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign for governor in the 2003 recall election, a number of women came forward to reveal their sexual harassment and assault by Arnold. The Los Angeles Times printed extensive reports just prior to that election. Now, just three years later, there almost no mention of Arnold’s sexist escapades. But some women are refusing to remain silent. More than a hundred women from across California have signed a letter to remind voters of the seriousness of the accusations of 16 women against Schwarzenegger that surfaced during the 2003 recall campaign, and those that have surfaced since then involving minors. Referring to the recent Republican sex scandal of Mark Foley, the letter asks, “If Foley is gone, and Hastert may go, why give Arnold Schwarzenegger a pass and re-elect him as Governor?” The letter’s signees include acclaimed singer Michelle Shocked, KPFK Programmer Lila Garrett, as well as my guests, Karen Pomer, of the Rainbow Sisters Project and Jane Piper of Survivors & Artists for Abolishing Violence.

“I am very glad Foley resigned right away, and I said also if anyone else knew about it they should resign. It’s inexcusable.” — Schwarzenegger 10/6/06

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6 Responses to “Women Recall Accusations of Sexual Battery Against Schwarzenegger”

  1. Efrenon 31 Oct 2006 at 3:59 pm

    Has anyone pressed charges?

  2. Prisca Gloor, Ph.D.on 01 Nov 2006 at 11:38 am

    I am still outraged that women vote for Schwarzenegger, and I am not even trusting the Californians now. It is just unbelievable that he gets away with it.

  3. Anonymouson 22 Jan 2007 at 1:29 pm

    Virginia Miller, whom Schwarzenegger attacked in a dressing room, forcing his hands into her vagina, photographing her breasts, and throwing her against a wall as she was trying to fight him off, tried to pursue the crimes through the Screen Actors Guild, as is required in her contract as a stunt woman. The SGA conveniently never pursued the crimes, even though they’re felonies.

    Anne Richardson has successfully sued Schwarzenegger for liable after his henchgoons tried to misrepresent her as several varieties of whore following her revelations of his attacks against her on her talk show set. The case was settled out of court, i.e. Arnold paid up.

  4. Who is this man? « Zane Talkson 12 Apr 2007 at 9:29 pm

    […] Now, those are only the political side. How about the question of how often the mysogynistic Arnold will show up? Well, [Uprising radio http://uprisingradio.org/home/?p=886%5D did a segment on that very question. (MP3 here) You see, Arnold promised Tom Brokaw that he would instigate an investigation into the allegations of sexual harassment that dogged him in the recall. The basic question, why does this man get a pass? Who is this man that nobody questions his past? […]

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