Jan 26 2007

American Fascists

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American FascistsGUEST: Chris Hedges, author of “War is a Force that Gives us Meaning,” and “Losing Moses on the Freeway,” was a war correspondent for 15 years and reported for the New York Times

Chris Hedges, veteran journalist and author, has just released his newest book, on the dangers of the Christian right in the United States. The book is called “American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America.” In it, Hedges calls the alarm on the dangers of the Christian right and explains how it embodies most aspects of traditional fascist movements. Most frighteningly, this movement has serious political power and a strong popular base. Hedges points to the hundreds of senators and members of Congress who have earned between 80 and 100 percent approval ratings from the three most influential Christian Right advocacy groups as one of many signs that the movement is burrowing deep inside the US government to subvert it. In researching American Fascists, Hedges attended various seminars and workshops by leaders of the Christian Right, and interviewed several people who were or still are part of the movement. I spoke with Chris Hedges in studio yesterday and began by asking him to describe his background in Christianity.

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6 Responses to “American Fascists”

  1. Yeakey, Lamonton 26 Jan 2007 at 7:10 pm

    As always you, Sonali, do an excellent job. C. Hedges is once again contributing a superb piece of scholarship in the ongoing effort to improve this nation and the world. I called the station immediately after your interview to find out if Hedges was speaking anywhere in the Los Angeles area this weekend, but the person answering the phone could give me no information. Give me a call if you know where Hedges will be speaking. By the way, you are sorely missed on the LSBoard. Lamont Y.

  2. Karenon 27 Jan 2007 at 12:11 pm

    thank you so much for your great work on uprising radio.
    This show made me think it might be better to take some of our ‘stop the war’ and ‘take back america’ efforts out of the streets and into the churches.
    (ps – can you note that the fields below are required? I didn’t fill them out and lost my comments on return. – thanks)

  3. Gabrielon 29 Jan 2007 at 10:45 am


    Gabriel here. When Sonali interviewed Chris Hedges, he was on his way out of LA and had no speaking engagements over the weekend. I was unaware of this at the time we had spoken.


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