Jan 30 2007

Conversation with Sonia Nimr

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Palestinian childrenGUEST: Dr. Sonia Nimr is a historian; she teaches at Birzeit University in Palestine, and has been active in Palestinan’s politics for over 40 years, co-author with Elizabeth Laird of “A Little Piece of Ground”

Armed men loyal to Hamas and Fatah battled each other across the Gaza Strip early yesterday, attacking security compounds, knocking out an electrical transformer and kidnapping several local commanders in some of the most extensive factional fighting in recent weeks. Two people were killed and large parts of Gaza City were plunged into darkness. The in-fighting between Hamas and Fatah, which has claimed dozens of lives, started over a month ago, arising from serious differences between the two parties. Just this morning, however, a ceasefire has been announced between the two groups and fighting has temporarily stopped. Meanwhile, Israeli forces earlier today bombed a tunnel near Gaza’s Karni crossing claiming that Palestinian militants were planning to use it to carry out attacks inside Israel. The bombing comes a day after a Palestinian suicide bomber killed three people in the Israeli Red Sea resort of Eilat.

Dr. Sonia Nimr is speaking on Wednesday January 31st at 4 pm at UCLA’s Bunche 10383. The title of her talk is “The Labyrinth of Memory: Shaping and Reshaping Palestinian Memory.” Sponsored by the Oral History Project at the Asian American Studies Center at UCLA.

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