Jan 30 2007

LA Homeless Sweeps Continue

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LA HomelessGUEST: Becky Dennison, Co-Director of the Los Angeles Community Action Network

Last week, a special census was conducted by paid homeless workers and volunteers to determine the number of homeless persons in Los Angeles County. Though many homeless advocates note that determining the exact numbers of a homeless population is difficult due to their temporary circumstances, the county census is essential to preserving $60 million in federal funds to combat homelessness. A 2005 census which measured the homeless population of Los Angeles County at 90,000 led many to call the city of Los Angeles the homeless capital of the United States. Meanwhile, since the implementation of LA’s “Safer Cities,” initiative in August 2006, the LAPD has made nearly five-thousand arrests at Downtown’s Skid Row. Homeless advocates are suspicious that the Safer Cities initiative is really intended to clear the homeless population in order to make way for new development, and have criticized the arrests. However, police say the plan is aimed at drug dealers and making Skid Row safer.

For more information, visit www.cangress.org, or call 213-228-0024.

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  1. [depends, inc. as pasto de la rue]on 12 Feb 2007 at 7:44 am

    Hiya. Mayor “Mike”, N.Y.C. , should be in a good prison ; what he did to me, what he, allegedly, doing to c.73 homeless encampments in MY N.Y.C.. Deport all illegal aiens now. Close down now: N.Y.C.; BRC; Project Help; Bellevue Hospital’s locked emergency psychiatric ward; NYPD’s homeless van; Dept. of Homeless Services. Fix: Pathways to Housing, Inc.,Hope Community, Inc….

  2. Carloson 27 Feb 2007 at 12:11 am

    I’m a L.A. county’s DPSS worker. Volunteered at the homeless count. KPFK’s phone volunteer and suscriber and loyal listener. CSUN student. Currently working on a homeless school paper. Would like to purchase transcript of the L.A. homeless sweeps episode. Transcript will just work better than C.D. for me at this point. Please reply

  3. Brianna Riggioon 04 Jun 2007 at 4:25 pm


    I am posting on behalf of KCET’s Life & Times Blog (a Los Angeles area PBS station). We have launched this site to foster a venue where people can express their views and engage in a dynamic and educated discussion about provocative issues of the day going on in Southern California. We have posted a link to your website (http://uprisingradio.org/) as a link to our “Sweeps or Services for L.A.’s Homless?” story (viewable here: http://www.kcet.org/lifeandtimes/blog/?p=178). We are in the process now of generating more traffic to our blog and creating more buzz in Southern California and were hoping that you could post a link to our blog on your site so that both of us can give our readers more resources on the web. Please let me know what KCET needs to do to have our Life & Times Blog posted as a link on your site. Thanks for your time.

    Brianna Riggio
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