Mar 16 2007

Notes from an Activist

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Loyal to the SkyGUEST: Marisa Handler, author of “Loyal to the Sky: Notes from an Activist”

When 12 year old Marisa Handler moved from apartheid South Africa to Southern California, her family hoped to have left the structures of racism behind to discover a democratic paradise with equality for all. But Marisa soon realized that the conviction she had found in saying no, as a white person, to racism and privilege, was to come in handy in her new life in the US. Loyal to the Sky: Notes from an Activist, is the coming-of-age story of an activist, the forces that shaped her, and the basis of her activism. According to Medea Benjamin, “Marisa Handler takes a brutally honest look at herself, the activist community, and the world. She writes with wit and beauty, preaches with passion and love. Loyal to the Sky is an affirmation that mortal humans, with all our foibles, can be powerful agents for change.”

Marisa will be speaking this evening, Friday March 16th from 7-9 pm at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church, 3300 Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles.

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