Apr 27 2007

New Standard Finally Shuts Down

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The New standardGUEST: Brian Domanick, collective member at the New Standard

The New Standard, an independent, non-profit, and commercial free online newspaper, published its last edition today. The five staffers who form the collective of journalists that manage The New Standard came to the conclusion that they could no longer continue without a greater level of fiscal support. Last September, Uprising highlighted funding problems with the online independent news service as it was in danger of discontinuing. Throughout its tenure, The New Standard has been based on the principle of reader donations and has never accepted foundation grants nor advertisements. Internally governed by democratic participatory principles, The New Standard’s independent model allowed for it to be free of commercial interests. For the past three and a half years, The New Standard has published nearly three-thousand independent news stories on an array of issues. The staff collective of The New Standard is planning to preserve all of its content on an online archive so that readers can continue to access articles.

For more information visit www.newstandardnews.net.

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  1. Reut...eurgh « talkingaboutarevolutionon 04 May 2007 at 2:36 pm

    […] I will not join the mourning party if Reuters falls to the Canadians, reserving my journalistic condolences instead for The New Standard, which closed last Friday. Brian Dominick, one of the five members of the TNS collective, talks here about the reasons for their demise on Pacifica Radio’s uprising programme. […]