Jun 27 2007

KPFK Fund Drive – Day 16

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Maxed OutSupport KPFK – Make a pledge at 818-985-5735, or online at www.kpfk.org.

Maxed Out

Most Americans have gone into debt or are in debt one point or another in their lives. Most of us have run up credit card or other forms of debt and been daunted by the prospect of paying it off. Most of us have one or more credit cards. In fact the average American has about eight credit card and about $8000 in debt per household. In 2003, consumer debt hit an all-time, record-high of $1.98 trillion, not counting mortgage debt. Household savings are also plummeting. In 1993, the average American’s savings was a mere 5.9% of their disposable income. Ten years later, it had dropped down to 1.3%. Now, most Americans are struggling with what is called “survival debt,” meaning using credit cards to pay for groceries, rent, and other necessities. Banks, credit card companies and collection agencies meanwhile, are quite content with these statistics. The greater the average debt, the greater their profits.

But most news coverage of American debt focuses on how people get into debt, not how they are preyed upon. A new, acclaimed documentary by James Scurlock, Maxed Out, exposes the debt industry in the US and what you can do about it. According to Variety Magazine, Maxed Out is “Intelligent, informative, and unusually entertaining.”

For more information, visit www.maxedoutmovie.com.

Special thanks to Traci Gore for donating tickets to Not a Genuine Black Man, and to Brave New Films (and Robert Greenwald) for donating DVDs of “Iraq for Sale”

Details about Not a Genuine Black Man

After a smash run Off Broadway, Brian Copeland’s hit solo show held the record for the longest running solo show in San Francisco history. This solo show reveals a little-known chapter of Bay Area history. In 1971, San Leandro was named one of the most racist suburbs in America. Congressional hearings were held. The next year, the then eight-year-old Brian Copeland and his African-American family moved to San Leandro. In a monologue that’s both funny and poignant, Brian explores how surroundings make us who we are. Come see what all the shouting is about. An L.A. Times Critic’s Choice in 2006.

29243 Pacific Coast Highway
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8pm

Box Office # – 800-838-3006 Tickets are $25

Thank you Gifts:

Maxed Out – DVD – $100
Uprising T-shirt – various sizes – $60
Best of Uprising Mp3 CD – $35
Meet Me At the Station: Dinner with KPFK Morning Hosts – $500

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