Jul 30 2007

New Feminist Magazine Hits the Stands

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Make/shiftGUESTS: Jessica Hoffman, Stephanie Abraham, members of the Editorial Collective at make/shift Magazine

The era of independent publishing has been in peril for years now. Independent bookstores have been shutting down rapidly. Independent book publishers are financially struggling, and independent media in general have trouble reaching a sufficient subscriber base. This April we covered the closure of the collectively run online news outlet, The New Standard. And, last December, the cutting-edge radical magazine Clamor, published its last issue. But all is not lost, for an exciting new independently created magazine hit the stands earlier this year. Make/shift is a magazine about contemporary feminist culture and action whose first issue sold out within weeks of publication. It’s now in it’s second printing, even as the second issue gets ready for publication.

For more information, visit www.makeshiftmag.com. Send pitches to info@makeshiftmag.com.

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