Sep 07 2007

Made in L.A.

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GUESTS: Almudena Carracedo, Film Director, Joann Lo, Former Lead Organizer at the Garment Worker Center, she’s the current co-Executive Director of Enlace

Made in LA is the new documentary by filmmaker Alumdena Carracedo and producer Robert Bahar. The film follows the political development of Lupe Hernandez, Maura Colorado, Maria Pineda and other organizers at the Garment Workers Center. The film follows how these women came together with the Garment Workers Center in 2001 to launch a very public challenge in the worker led boycott of the fashion chain Forever 21. The documentary effectively balances the introduction to the audience of the global economic fault lines of the fashion economy with how each woman comes into her own in the struggle from victim to organizer. Made in Los Angeles is P.O.V. documentary and is a co-production of Semilla Verde Production, and the Independent Television Service.

Made in L.A. will air on PBS in Los Angeles, Sunday September 9th at 10:30 p.m.

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