Nov 30 2007

Oxfam Warns of Worsening Climate Change Hazards

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floodsGUEST: David Waskow, Policy lead on Oxfam America’s Climate Change campaign

Earlier this month Bangladesh was struck by the worst cyclone since 1991. Cyclone Sidr hit the impoverished South Asian country on November 15 with winds of 155 mph and a 5-foot tidal surge, killing around 3,500 people, leaving thousands missing or injured, and displacing 2 million. Meanwhile Oxfam International warns that natural disasters like Cyclone Sidr have quadrupled over the last two decades, from an average of 120 a year in the early 1980s to as many as 500 a year today. In a new report entitled, “Climate Alarm: Disasters increase as climate change bites,” Oxfam warned this week that the at the same time as climate hazards are growing in number, more people are being affected by them because of poverty, powerlessness, population growth, and the movement and displacement of people to marginal areas.

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  1. almazon 19 Feb 2008 at 1:44 pm

    All hazards of global warming are caused by man made pollution of the develoed-industrial world. Therefore, the new treaty replacing the Kyoto TREATY SHOULD HOLD THE UNRESPONSIBLE for the damages suffered by the less developed people.