Jan 29 2008

Greens Bemoan Retreat of Anti-War Groups

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Green partyGUEST: Daniel Brezenoff, Clinical Social Worker, former Congressional Candidate for the Green Party

Last Friday, Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich announced his decision to drop out of the race for the presidency. A long-shot to win the Democratic nomination, Kucinich will now shift focus on winning his seventh term in Congress. To the left of the major Democratic Party candidates, the Cleveland Congressman made his second bid for the nomination as he felt his party was not acting decisively enough to end the war on Iraq. The criticism is not only shared by Kucinich, but by the alternative Green Party as well. The Greens are also critical of groups such as MoveOn.org and Americans Against Escalation in Iraq for their recent decision to scale back anti-war efforts. A recent K Street meeting between some anti-war groups concluded with the adoption of a strategy to push legislation to prevent President Bush from entering long-term agreements with the Iraq government. The tactic turns away from seeking to end the war through more up-front means such as bills aimed at cutting funding. The Greens see the move as a retreat that can only lead to continued war.

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