Jan 30 2008

LAUSD Threatens Eco-Village

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LA Eco-VillageGUESTS: Lara Morrison, KPFK volunteer and LA Eco-Village resident; Michelle Wong, Board member of the Beverly Vermont Community Land Trust, and member of the LA Eco-Village

Due to declining enrollment, the Los Angeles Unified School District has largely scaled back on expansion plans for new school sites. Despite this, residents and owners of properties in LA Eco-Village were notified that their neighborhood may now be under threat. Unique to the city, LA Eco-Village, located on the corner of 1st and Vermont, and is one of the few urban based communities based on ecological living in Southern California. The LAUSD has slated that site for a new school that would service up to 950 elementary schoolers. Concerned community members of LA Eco-Village contend that the district need not put forth a choice between new schools and affordable housing. Earlier this month, hundreds of the community’s supporters turned out to an LAUSD meeting to encourage the board to consider alternative construction sites. Another meeting between LA Eco-Village residents and LAUSD is planned.

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