Jan 31 2008

Educators Split on Prop 92

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propo 92GUEST: Carl Freedlander, Los Angeles College Faculty Guild, Eric Heins, 4th grade teacher at Pittsburgh United School District in Contra Costa County, Board member of the California Teachers Association

Proposition 92 on Tuesday’s ballot could affect two and a half million students on over a 100 community college campuses statewide. If passed, the measure would mean a constitutional amendment that would decrease student fees from $20 to $15 per unit; increase the number of members of the Board of Governors; and change the funding formula in a way that proponents say will stabilize community college funding. Many educators and students are in favor of Prop 92, including the California Federation of Teachers, the Los Angeles College Faculty Guild, the California School Employees Association, and the Community College Association. But, many are opposing it, including the League of Women Voters of California, California Faculty Association, California Teachers Association, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Opponents of Prop 92 would write another complicated funding formula into the California Constitution without providing an additional source of revenue. It would also make it nearly impossible to raise fees in the future regardless of the state’s budget.

For more information, visit www.prop92yes.com, and www.noprop92.org.

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