Apr 02 2008

Fox News Spreads Its Virus

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Fox AttacksGUEST: Jonathan Kim, producer for Brave New Films

As the Democratic nomination process continues on longer than anyone expected, the mainstream media coverage, particularly cable TV news, is already tilting in particular directions. The impact of media coverage on an election is undeniable – as we have seen in past elections a sudden emphasis on one aspect of a candidate’s past can create a story where none existed before. Most recently, the controversy over Barack Obama’s pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright was created in large part by Fox News, and then picked up by other media outlets, turning it into a serious scandal for the Illinois Senator. We turn next to Jonathan Kim, a producer with Brave New Films, who has just made a short film piece for the internet, exposing how Fox News is engaging in dirty tricks to smear Barack Obama – and worse, how other news outlets are echoing Fox, sometimes word for word. Brave New Films is calling on outlets like MSNBC and CNN to “stop spreading the virus” of Fox News.

The video is available online at: www.foxattacks.com/virus

Watch the video, Fox Attacks Obama – Part 2:

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3 Responses to “Fox News Spreads Its Virus”

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  2. lynnon 16 Apr 2008 at 11:57 am

    It goes to show you that this country is so racist that it is pathic. Can you image how african amerians and minorites have been feeling for so many years. The bias media, the bias government, the bais justice system. The Association we should be afraid of of is that of this good old boy network that has been lying, stealing and cheating the american people for far to long. They make the rules and break the rules as they see fit for their beneifts and say the hell with the rest of us. And finally, the majority of Americans are sick of the bullshit that is causing children to die and our treasure to be stolen by the this government and the elite few. Thank God we are trying to make a change we can believe in.

  3. lynnon 16 Apr 2008 at 12:05 pm

    Why would we want Hilary to be president when she lied about how she got her name, the raining bullets, the trade agreement, the excess expenditures on donuts and hotels, mismanagement of her campaign and campaign funds, late bill payments, gutter politics, etc. Would you wwant me running your government if I could not handle my own affairs. I don’t think so. For me, she can not be trusted and neither can her husband. And, believe it or not I use to like both of them. But, where are their morals and values. As one commentators said she and Bill will burn down the village in order to win this election and at whatever cost. Well, it is not worth American lives or American resources. Wake Up People! Why don’t you??????