May 29 2008

Personal is Political: Avoiding Home Foreclosures

Tom GellerGUEST: Tom Geller, author of Save My Home: 10 Steps To Avoiding Foreclosure

Two reports released this Tuesday highlighted the on-going crisis in the housing market. One showed that home prices in 20 major metropolitan areas fell 14.4% in March from a year ago, while the other showed that sales of new homes remained near their lowest levels since 1991. Additionally, more than one in five borrowers on sub-prime mortgages fell behind with their repayments in the first quarter of this year. Many economists are warning that the housing crisis may last for several more years with millions of homes on the market and too few Americans capable of buying them. A new book by Tom Geller called Save My Home: Ten Steps to Foreclosures, offers a clear-eyed, practical set of steps for homeowners facing the specter of foreclosures. Today, for part 3 of our “Personal is Political” three-part series we spend the hour with author Tom Geller, in town for the LA Book Expo. We’ll discuss his ideas on what people can do on a practical level to stave off foreclosures, and then take your calls on the subject.

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One Response to “Personal is Political: Avoiding Home Foreclosures”

  1. Civilization is a Colossal Failureon 29 May 2008 at 7:25 pm

    The statements made by one of the callers, Tamara (sp?), particularly resonated with me. I’m caucasian, and even I faced serious abuse while under rent control. My (thankfully former) landlord is one of the most insidious people I’ve ever encountered–which, in this world, is saying a lot.

    Yet, what I endured was vastly less than Tamara, a person of color (who also happens to be disabled) who was actually thrown out and made homeless so her landlord could illegally get out of rent control.

    I believe her story! Evil pervades out society.

    As Ghandi said when asked about his opinion of civilization, “I think it would be a good idea.”