Jul 22 2008

Peace Groups Target Christians United for Israel Convention

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CUFIThe group Christians United for Israel, led by controversial reverend John Hagee, is holding its third annual summit in Washington D.C. this week. Starting yesterday and continuing through Thursday, the Washington-Israel Summit will feature elected officials like Senator Joseph Lieberman. The convention also includes workshops such as the one named “Radical Islam: In Their Own Words,” given by Daniel Pipes and former Senator Rick Santorum. Lieberman’s appearance has sparked controversy as he compared Hagee to the biblical Moses at last year’s convention. Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain distanced himself from the reverend’s politically volatile statements like the one where Hagee suggested the Holocaust was divine intervention to return Jewish people to Palestine. The Institute for the Study of Christian Zionism has called on Lieberman and other elected officials to disassociate themselves from the summit in a petition signed by 500 religious leaders. Peace and social justice groups like the Washington Peace Center, Peace Action and Code Pink, demonstrated outside the D.C. Convention Center yesterday evening where the gathering is taking place. The groups cite the extremist views against Iran and world religions held by many of the participants.

GUEST: Malachy Kilbride, Washington Peace Center. Visit www.washingtonpeacecenter.net for more information.

Find out more about HR 362, about the proposed blockade against Iran: http://www.unitedforpeace.org/article.php?id=3907

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  1. lizon 03 Aug 2008 at 5:18 pm

    CODEPINKers support peace love justice
    and we need to keep our message of Stay out of Iran! No Nukes for Israel??