Feb 27 2009

KPFK Fund Drive Day 22 – An Adam Curtis Special

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the trapToday is my last chance to ask you to support KPFK and Uprising will end this fund drive with our most popular thank you gift, The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom? by BBC film maker Adam Curtis. Through his 3 hour film, The Trap, we will explore the concepts of freedom as expressed by politicians and revolutionaries. Adam Curtis is a British television documentary maker who has during the course of his television career worked as a writer, producer, director and narrator. He formerly taught politics at Oxford University but then left for a career in television – he currently works for BBC Current Affairs making programs which express a clear (and sometimes controversial) opinion about their subject. According to The Observer, “if there has been a theme in Curtis’s work since, it has been to look at how different elites have tried to impose an ideology on their times, and the tragi-comic consequences of those attempts.”

The work of Adam Curtis is best known through his earlier documentaries that KPFK has featured, including the wildly popular Power of Nightmares, and The Century of Self. Like his other films, The Trap is a three-part documentary series with Curtis’ signature style of combining stock and vintage footage from popular culture with an eerie soundtrack. The film aired on BBC and was viewed by millions in Europe. But here in the US, very few Americans have been exposed to it. The series explores the concept and definition of freedom, specifically, as Curtis says, “how a simplistic model of human beings as self-seeking, almost robotic, creatures led to today’s idea of freedom.”

Thank you Gifts:

The Trap: $75
The Power of Nightmares: $75
The Century of the Self: $90
The Adam Curtis DVD Pack: $200

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