Apr 27 2010

Orange County Sheriff Candidate Allies with Arpaio

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OC sheriffCould Orange County turn into Arizona? Protests against Governor Brewer’s signing of SB 1070 into law came close to home as Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio visited Southern California over the weekend. As the invited guest of Orange County Sheriff hopeful Bill Hunt, the controversial Arizona lawman appeared at three campaign fundraising stops in Newport Beach, Santa Ana, and Costa Mesa. Demonstrators followed the Arizona sheriff at every turn to denounce his notorious immigration sweeps in Latino neighborhoods as racist while calling for a boycott of the state. Hunt, who hopes to unseat incumbent OC Sheriff Sandra Hutchens in the June election, has defended Arpaio against charges of racism at a recent candidates forum. Responding to Anaheim Deputy Police Chief Craig Hunter who is also in the running, Hunt said, “You call Joe Arpaio a racist? That’s what happens when a sheriff stands up and does his duty!” At that same forum, he also promised voters that should he prevail in the upcoming election, he would model his leadership after the Arizona Sheriff that he has allied so closely with. According to a poll conducted earlier this month by the newly launched “Voice of OC” investigative news website, Hutchens holds a double-digit lead over both Hunt and Hunter, but a majority of voters remain undecided.

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  1. deneon 28 Apr 2010 at 9:40 am

    The real Racist, or the media reporters who report their political agenda at the expense of the truth.
    SMEAR WORDS, are the keys to fooling the people, rather than looking at those sources as the problem…not the subject of their report.
    American has been seige since the 1960’s…they are now firmly in charge of the fundamental change of America…MARXISM…