Apr 29 2010

BP Oil Spill Could Be Next “Exxon-Valdez”

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BP oil spillA massive oil spill emanating from an exploding rig in the Gulf of Mexico is threatening to kill marine life and endanger the Gulf Coast. Eleven workers went missing and are now presumed dead when the Deepwater Horizon rig burst into flames on April 20th and sank two days later. The rig is owned by Transocean and was operated by UK-based oil giant BP, who is now responsible for the financial costs of clean-up. The oil spill has spread so far that it is about 600 miles in circumference, an area bigger than the state of West Virginia. The rate of the spill was understood to be about 1000 barrels a day but as of yesterday afternoon, it is estimated that the rate is actually 5 times greater. After days of debate over how to handle the spill, the US Coast Guard has begun “small, controlled burns” just as the spill has reached within 20 miles of the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts. But while the burning could slow the spread of the spill, it does not address the continuous expelling of oil from the ocean floor. Currently eight underwater robots are attempting to stop the oil from gushing out. This morning the US military has joined the effort. According to the BBC, “The scale of the operation to contain the oil spill and protect both the US coastline and wildlife is unprecedented.” Recently, much to the dismay of environmentalists, President Obama had backed off on a campaign promise of a moratorium on oil drilling, by announcing expanded offshore drilling rights. But now, with the timing of the Deepwater Horizon spill, political allies on the issue seem to be backing off. Yesterday, the heads of Homeland Security and the Interior Department launched a joint investigation into the causes of the explosion, which could lead to public hearings and subpoenas.

GUEST: Marcie Keever, Director of Friends of the Earth’s Clean Vessels Program; Former Program Director of San Francisco Beautiful; Former Staff Attorney of Our Children’s Earth Foundation

Find out more at www.foe.org. Sign a petition against offshore oil drilling here: http://action.foe.org/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=2792

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