Jun 25 2010

KPFK Fund Drive – Day 17

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fuel the film

A charter boat captain in Louisiana who shot himself to death yesterday is being considered the 12th human casualty of the BP oil spill in the Gulf. Fifty five year old William Allen Cruse was standing on the bridge of his boat when he aimed his gun at his own head after weeks of being distraught watching his 20 year charter boat business be destroyed by the spill. The Deepwater Horizon rig explosion killed 11 workers on April 20th of this year, followed by enough oil damage to earn the title of the ‘worst environmental disaster in US history.’ Cruse had been hired by BP to help with the clean up efforts two weeks ago. Meanwhile, yesterday one of the underwater robotic submarines deployed to clean up the spill knocked out a cap releasing hundreds of thousands of gallons in a new leak. The cap has been replaced as of this morning. BP’s operations in Alaska, which were exempt from President Obama’s moratorium on offshore drilling are now receiving new scrutiny. The Liberty project as it’s called, is due to have its first well drilled this fall. Marc Kovac, a BP Alaska employee for more than 30 years, recently turned over hundreds of documents to CNN that he says prove that the Alaska operations are as doomed as the Deepwater Horizon rig. Today, we spend the hour examining the dangers of oil production and consumption, and alternatives to oil, through the lens of a brand new, award winning documentary Fuel created by pioneering bio-fuel enthusiast, Josh Tickell.

Thank you Gifts:

$25 for 2 tickets to KPFK Screening of Fuel at the Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro, 478 W 6th Street, Saturday June 26th at 7:30 pm. Film maker Josh Tickell and the Green Cowboy, S. David Freeman will be present for Q&A.

$85 for a DVD copy of Fuel

$100 for a DVD copy of Fuel, plus 2 tickets to see Fuel on Saturday June 26th at 7:30 pm.

Call 818-985-5735 or visit www.kpfk.org to pledge.

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