Aug 30 2010

What’s Behind the Egg Recall?

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battery hensOver the past two weeks, more than half a billion eggs have been recalled from across the United States due to incidents of Salmonella poisoning. Nearly 1,500 cases of illness related to the recall have been reported and at least one lawsuit has already been filed. The eggs originate from Wright County Egg Farm and Hillandale Farms in Iowa, that are sold under 13 different brand names, including Mountain Dairy, Ralphs, Albertson, Dutch Farms, and Farm Fresh. The Humane Society of the United States launched an ad campaign that makes it clear that all the eggs being recalled have been laid by hens crammed into cages. Salmonella poisoning has been linked to caged hens by various studies including in a report earlier this year by World Poultry headlined “Salmonella Thrives in Cage Housing.” Yet, advocates of industrial agriculture routinely deny the connection. Lawmakers in New York have responded by promising to pass bills requiring that all egg-producing hens be vaccinated against salmonella.

GUEST: Jaydee Hanson, Policy Analyst at the Center for Food Safety

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