Nov 29 2010

“Snorkel Bob” Calls For Saving Reefs, Ending Aquarium Trade, and More

some fishes I have knownThe United Nations Climate Change Conference began today in Cancun, Mexico and will go through December 10th. It follows from the Copenhagen climate conference held last year. While a majority of people around the world are pinning their hopes on more progress in Cancun than in Copenhagen in terms of combating climate change, most of the world’s wealthiest nations are already failing to uphold promises they made last December. Among the many topics that climate activists hope will be discussed is the health of our oceans and the life they inhabit. Fossil fuel consumption results in massive, on-going infusion of Carbon Dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere, causing the planet to warm unnaturally. Even a rise of a few degrees can topple the ecological balance in our oceans. Coral reefs in particular, which are part of the richest eco-systems on the planet, are often referred to as the climate “canary in the coal mine.” Reefs have been dying at high rates for years now, alarming conservationists. Among those intimately concerned with the health of coral reefs, ocean biodiversity, and the dangers of the aquarium trade, is Robert Wintner. Wintner is a writer, photographer, small business owner, and environmental activist also known to those living in Hawaii – where he is based – as simply Snorkel Bob. Along with his Hawaii-wide chain of snorkeling equipment rentals, Wintner runs the Snorkel Bob Foundation, and is the author and photographer of the new book Some Fishes I Have Known.

GUEST: Robert Wintner, aka Snorkel Bob, Executive Director of Snorkel Bob Foundation, owner of Snorkel Bob stores across Hawaii, author and photographer of the new book Some Fishes I Have Known

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One Response to ““Snorkel Bob” Calls For Saving Reefs, Ending Aquarium Trade, and More”

  1. Brandonon 29 Nov 2010 at 12:25 pm

    “Snorkel Bob” needs to do a little more research before he spouts off about marine aquarium enthusiasts. His comment that only two species of marine fish breed in captivity is utterly wrong. You can find a list of many more than two species here:

    Another problem is his complaint about people owning sharks. Let me put it this way… his argument is about as valid as insisting that dogs ownership be banned because some idiots like to keep pitbulls. True marine enthusiasts will tell anyone who wants to buy a shark that only the most experienced owners will be able to keep them alive, and the equipment involved will be far too expensive for the vast majority of people to afford. We will not patronize stores that sell sharks to any fool off the street.

    I’m also very offended by his portrayal of us as nothing but yuppies looking for chic decoration, people who are so uninterested in the animals involved that we just hire somebody else to service the aquarium. Those people exist… they’re called novices, and they are not the people buying the multi-thousand dollar fish he’s accusing everyone of purchasing; I have never seen a “style tank” that had anything more than the most common fish available. No self-respecting enthusiast would EVER let someone else service their tank, just as a car collector wouldn’t take their baby to a car wash for some guy who just got fired from McDonalds to scratch.

    I’m very surprised that you allowed this joker on your show without verifying any of the “facts” he spewed. This broadcast reminded me of Fox News… no fact-checking, just an obvious agenda.