Mar 24 2011

The Right Hook – 03/24/11

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The Right HookThe Right Hook, a weekly segment which covers the machinations of the right wing, from the Republican Party to the Tea Party Patriots, and beyond. By Chris Bennett

The anniversary of the signing of Arizona’s anti-immigration bill, SB 1070 is approaching. And, Alabama is also considering a harsh new Arizona-style law. Republican Micky Hammon, has sponsored The Immigrant Trespassing Law, or HB 56. The measure passed in committee this month and is due for a vote this week. The bill would allow police to request proof of immigration status during routine traffic stops if there is a “reasonable suspicion” that someone is undocumented. Those without documentation will be charged with trespassing, a crime that can result in jail time in Alabama. Even transporting an undocumented person in your car could result in jail time. As one letter-writer to the Tuscaloosa News pointed out, HB 56 goes so far as to prevent Christians from practicing their religion– Good Samaritan style. Even giving someone a ride to the hospital in a medical emergency, would be illegal. Under this new hate-bill, Jesus of Nazareth himself would have to spend the night in an Alabama hoosegow just for trespassing through Micky Hammon’s Alabama.

In other immigration antics, Kansas has coughed up another Republican who is in an Arizona state-of-mind. During a discussion in the House Appropriations Committee about controlling the feral swine population, one member voiced idea of using hunters in helicopters to shoot the wild hogs. Virgil Peck, Jr., suddenly had himself an epiphany and said this: [CLIP] Before calling his own words “regrettable” Peck defended his comments by saying “I was just speaking like a southeast Kansas person.” Southeast Kansas voters may have more to say, for themselves, about this boy Virgil’s so-called ideas on immigration.

And, Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, has taken a new job. Yes, another new job. Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson has hired Ginni Thomas as a “special correspondent” for his Daily Caller website. The press release stated that Ms. Thomas will “interview key political and community leaders– from high profile politicians to grassroots activists– with a focus on listening to those outside the Beltway.” Last fall, Ms. Thomas quit her Tea Party advocacy group Liberty Central, when she drew criticism for supporting repeal of the health care law, which her husband would have to decide. Ginni Thomas moved on and created her own lobbying group, Liberty Consulting in order to be an “ambassador” for the Tea Party on Capitol Hill. But, she didn’t really move very far. Recently, Protect Our discovered that Liberty Central and Liberty Consulting shared the same suite, #302 in Burke, VA. Suite #302 happens to be a mailbox at the UPS Store in the Burke Center shopping plaza. Suite #302 doesn’t look big enough to host any Astro-turf Tea Party soirees. But it does look big enough to hold a few fat checks from undisclosed donors. So perhaps Ginni Thomas moved on to her new Daily Caller gig to cover stories from outside the Beltway, because she knew her own Beltway-insider story was about to catch up with her.

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