May 30 2011

The Divinity of Doubt: The God Question

divinity of doubtOne of the nation’s leading prosecutors, Vincent Bugliosi, has a new book called ‘The Divinity of Doubt: The God Question.’ As the title suggests, Bugliosi tackles the controversial subject of God, the Christian faith, and atheism. Claiming that there is no way to ever know whether there is indeed a God, and that there is also no way to know whether there is not a God, Bugliosi makes the case for Agnosticism – that the only logical approach to God is to assert that there is no way of knowing whether God exists. He lays special emphasis on the Christian faith, pointing out glaring contradictions about the existence of God through the concepts of an all-knowing, all-powerful being, as well as the power of prayer and whether humans have free will. But he also takes issue with well known atheist authors like Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Richard Dawkins, laying bare their theses on the non-existence of God. Divinity of Doubt is likely to be Bugliosi’s most controversial book. He warns that those who are deeply religious may not want to read his book, and the same holds true for the interview you’re about to hear. Vincent Bugliosi is best known for prosecuting Charles Manson about which he wrote the best-selling book Helter Skelter, which went on to sell over 7 million copies and become the biggest selling true crime book in publishing history. He also wrote Outrage on the acquittal of O.J. Simpson, and more recently The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder. Vincent Bugliosi has won 21 out of 21 murder cases and 105 out of 106 felony cases. He spent the past two years working on his new book Divinity of Doubt which we’ll spend this hour hearing about.

GUEST: Vincent Bugliosi, author of The Divinity of Doubt: The God Question

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  1. AWorkinProgresson 01 Jun 2011 at 8:03 am

    Totally not worth it. Heard him in person last month. It’s like the mental gymnastics of a Philosophy 101 course. Do we really need to waste our time proving or disproving the existence of “god”? Instead we should spend our time working to take back our country from the power mongers who have piggybacked on the gullibility of naive Christians’ and persuaded them to support the wrong causes and vote against their own best interests, making the struggle to regain our democracy that much harder.