Jun 15 2011

The Right Hook – 06/15/11

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The Right HookThe Right Hook, a weekly segment which covers the machinations of the right wing, from the Republican Party to the Tea Party Patriots, and beyond. By Chris Bennett

Monday night featured a seven-member Republican presidential debate in Manchester, NH. The front-runner for the moment is Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts who passed the health insurance reform bill of 2006. Now, Romney can’t even mention his signature accomplishment in life because it is so unpopular with the Republican base. But that’s all right. Nobody else on the stage with Romney would mention it either. CNN’s John King was the moderator and dangled rhetorical red meat in front of rival Tim Pawlenty. Just the day before, Pawlenty called health insurance reform “Obamneycare.” Pawlenty, aka T-Paw, wouldn’t lay a paw on Romney, who stood just a few feet away. But he did go on the attack against the most mentioned person of the evening: President Obama. Meanwhile, Michelle Bachmann used the debate to make her formal announcement that she is seeking the Republican presidential nomination. Bachmann is not afraid to blow on Mike Huckabee’s old dog whistle. In a pre-taped video announcement, Bachmann twice referred to “taking back the country” from Obama, who she once accused of running a “gangster government.” While the Republican candidates seem to be packing the clown car for the long ride down the road to November 2012, the real action– is elsewhere.

Remember Sharron Angle? Well, she remembers you if you gave her any money during her bid last fall to unseat Harry Reid from the U.S. Senate. Journalist Paul Blumenthal has reported that Angle is blurring the line between legitimate political activity and corruption. At issue is Angle’s taking advantage of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision to start her own Super Political Action Committee, the so-called Our Voice PAC. Super PAC’s are able to make “independent expenditures,” and can accept unlimited funds. It is not legal for a political candidate to set up a Super PAC. Sharron Angle, at this moment, is not officially a candidate for any office. But, her old campaign committee still exists, and there remain some dubious staffing decisions. The treasurer of Angle’s Our Voice Super PAC, is her old press secretary, William Rasavage. He is also the treasurer of Angle’s campaign committee. With the Federal Election Commission currently embroiled in partisan gridlock, Angle may be able to continue this game a while longer. But for a woman who just last week threw around the “corruption” word regarding Washington (no argument there, Sharron), and who inferred in her new book that Harry Reid stole the election from her, Angle may want to check in with Jesus to see what he would do with his Super PAC.

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, the recall elections against Republicans are underway. Last winter, Republican governor Scott Walker rolled back collective bargaining rights for union members despite unprecedented protests inside the State Capitol building. According to John Nichols of Common Dreams, Republicans are doing everything they can to forestall the inevitable. Even running fake Democratic candidates to confuse Wisconsinites. The fake candidates can sling mud and leave the incumbent Republican out of the fight– for a time, sure. But this is a cynical manipulation of the open primary law. One Republican, John Buckstaff is even running against Democrat Jessica King as a “protest candidate” to allow the incumbent Republican more time. The once so-called Party of Ideas is down to a last, bloody, grasp on the edge of the electoral cliff.

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This is the last episode of The Right Hook for the foreseeable future. I hope you have enjoyed this weekly take on the right wing– from the loony to the downright dangerous. Warm thanks to Sonali Kolhatkar and the Uprising! crew for the opportunity to bring this weekly contribution to you.

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