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May 31 2012

Christian Science Monitor: The ‘Mexican spring:’ A new student movement stirs in Mexico

“Welcome to the Mexican spring,” says a young student over a microphone on the campus of Mexico’s most famed university, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

“It’s time for change; it is time for a new Mexico,” he continues, met by thunderous applause. Students in the audience are munching on potato chips with hot sauce and lemon and mango-flavored ices, and have gathered for the first general assembly of Mexico’s brand-new student movement known …

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May 31 2012

City Attorney Trutanich Runs for County DA With Establishment Support and Public Criticism

The race for LA County District Attorney has intensified as six candidates compete for the spot being vacated by current D.A. Steve Cooley who announced he will step down after serving three consecutive terms. Front runners to take Cooley’s position include DA chief deputy Jackie Lacey, and deputy DA Danette Myers, two female candidates who have garnered the support of …

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May 31 2012

Chris Hedges To Speak in Los Angeles

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Chris Hedges spent two decades as a foreign correspondent in the Middle East, Africa, and the Balkans. He was at the New York Times for 15 years and was part of the team of writers that won the Pulitzer prize in 2002 for that paper’s coverage of global terrorism. He has taught at Columbia University, New York University and Princeton …

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May 30 2012

REUTERS: Wal-Mart latest to leave ALEC

(Reuters) – Wal-Mart Stores Inc, the world’s largest retailer and biggest seller of firearms in the United States, is dropping out of a conservative advocacy group in the United States that has been criticized for promoting “Stand Your Ground” gun laws.

Wal-Mart was suspending its membership in the American Legislative Council (ALEC), which the retailer joined in 1993, the company said late on Wednesday.

Other groups that have backed away from supporting ALEC, include Coca-Cola Co, Kraft …

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May 30 2012

May 30, 2012

Subversive Thoughts | Published 30 May 2012, 1:23 pm | Comments Off on May 30, 2012 -

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” — Mother Teresa …

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May 30 2012

June 5th Elections in California Could Give Democrats Supermajority

For the first time in California, voters on June 5th will not be voting on primary elections for candidates vying for the same seat from their own party – rather they will be picking a single candidate out a field of candidates from all parties, major and minor. The top two vote winners will then move into an election race …

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May 29 2012

Examining California’s Propositions 28 and 29

By the time Californians vote on the nominees for President on June 5th the primary season will be in its 6th and final month with little question left as to who will head the national ticket for the two major parties. However, slipping under the radar of many voters are the local and statewide races and issues to be decided …

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May 29 2012

Listen Whitey! The Sights and Sounds of Black Power 1965-1975

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For most Americans today the term “Black Power” is associated simply with black berets and raised fists. Forgotten is the wealth of music, poetry and art that the movement inspired. ‘Listen Whitey! The Sights and Sounds of Black Power 1965-1975,’ written by acclaimed music producer Pat Thomas, is a reintroduction to the musicians, cultural icons, and social leaders of …

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May 29 2012

May 29, 2012

Subversive Thoughts | Published 29 May 2012, 9:16 am | Comments Off on May 29, 2012 -

“Black Power is giving power to people who have not had power to determine their destiny.” — Huey Newton …

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May 25 2012

CA Assemblyman Mike Davis Urges Passage of the Homeowner’s Bill Of Rights

On May 15th a California foreclosure battle ended in tragedy when a 53-year-old Newbury Park resident facing eviction from his home, shot and killed himself. Norman Rousseau committed suicide after a fight with Wells Fargo bank. He and his widow, Oriane, refinanced their home in 2006. Wells Fargo later acquired that loan. The Rousseaus paid every month until the bank failed to properly record a received cashier’s check, and a foreclosure …

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