May 31 2012

City Attorney Trutanich Runs for County DA With Establishment Support and Public Criticism

The race for LA County District Attorney has intensified as six candidates compete for the spot being vacated by current D.A. Steve Cooley who announced he will step down after serving three consecutive terms. Front runners to take Cooley’s position include DA chief deputy Jackie Lacey, and deputy DA Danette Myers, two female candidates who have garnered the support of major LA papers and local political organizations like the L.A. Democratic party.

Also in the running is current city attorney Carmen Trutanich. Trutanich has drawn criticism from the public and local media for not keeping his 2008 promise of not running for another position before completing his current office. In running for the City Attorney seat in 2008, Trutanich pledged to donate $100,000 of his personal funds to an afterschool program and publish ads calling himself a liar if he failed to serve out his term once elected. A Daily news editorial boldly urged the public to vote “ABC: Anybody But Carmen,” while the LA times and LA weekly vehemently criticized Trutanich for his disproportionate prosecution and jailing of street artists, political dissenters, pot smokers and other low level offenders at a time when Los Angeles is facing a prison overcrowding crisis.

Other candidates for the County District Attorney’s office include Republican prosecutor Alan Jackson and the more progressive deputy D.A. Bob Grace. Grace has a history of being involved in community programs aimed at at-risk youth, fighting domestic violence, as well being involved with non-profits aiding underprivileged youth.

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  1. NO LACEY OR JACKSONon 31 May 2012 at 4:49 pm

    You mean anybody but Lacey or Jackson and Steve cooley pledged the same thing and said he wouldn’t runfor more then two terms. Who cares. Lacey and Jackson are corrupt with more skeletons than a cemetary.