Jun 29 2012

Weekly Digest – 06/29/12

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Our weekly edition is a nationally syndicated one-hour digest of the best of our daily coverage.

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This week on Uprising:

* Chris Hedges on his new book, Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt

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Chris Hedges on his new book, Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt

A new book by acclaimed author Chris Hedges, in collaboration with award winning graphic artist Joe Sacco, explores America’s poorest, most decimated towns, in an effort to foresee our collective future if corporate greed continues to run amuck. Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt is the first book the two authors have published together, based on interviews they conducted during their travels. Starting with Pine Ridge, South Dakota, Hedges and Sacco explore the devastation wreaked historically and currently on the US’s native American population – a story that sets the tone for how resources and communities have been exploited ever since. Turning to Camden, New Jersey, Hedges and Sacco expose the end-stage of what happens to towns that are highly industrialized and then abandoned when they are no longer able to churn profits. Welch, West Virginia is the third site featured in the book – a living example of environmental destruction from coal mining industries that affects the land and human health alike. And, immigrant labor’s experience with slavery in Immokalee, Florida, is the focus of the fourth chapter in Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt. Liberty Square, New York, the birthplace of the Occupy Wall Street movement, ends the book on a hopeful note of how Americans are finally drawing connections between their own lives and the corporate greed of Wall Street elites, and rising up.

Chris Hedges spent two decades as a foreign correspondent in the Middle East, Africa, and the Balkans. He was at the New York Times for 15 years and was part of the team of writers that won the Pulitzer prize in 2002 for that paper’s coverage of global terrorism. He has taught at Columbia University, New York University and Princeton University and is currently a Senior Fellow at the Nation Institute and a columnist for Truthdig.com. Chris Hedges’ acclaimed books include “War is a Force that Gives us Meaning,” “American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America,” “Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle,” “The Death of the Liberal Class,” and “The World As it Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress.”

I recently spoke with Chris Hedges about his newest book, Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt.

Sonali’s Subversive Thought for the Day:

“We may feel powerless in the face of the ruthless corporate destruction of our nation, our culture, and our ecosystem. But we are not. We have a power, as the Occupy encampments demonstrated, that terrifies the corporate state. Any act of rebellion, no matter how few people show up or how heavily it is censored, chips away at corporate power. Any act of rebellion keeps alive the embers for larger movements that follow us.” — Chris Hedges

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