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Get Lit Brings Poetry, Performance, and Inspiration To Inner City Schools

Los Angeles-based non-profit Get Lit, recently featured in the PBS Documentary Arts & The Mind, ¬has been a local leader in bringing the voices of at risk-youth to the forefront through literary performance, education, and teen poetry programs. Founded in 2006, Get Lit’s fusion of classic literature and poetry with contemporary Spoken Word performance techniques draws connections between the emotions and experiences fuelling the work of classic writers to the complexities teens face in their daily lives.

Get Lit’s in-school, after-school, and Get Lit Player programs aims to imbue teens with a love of literature and learning and present their voices in a variety of ways such as public performance, printed anthologies, and on the internet. Get Lit also hopes to boost literacy, foster cultural understanding, and equip students for success in college and in the workplace. In the long term, the organization aims to make its curriculum available to schools nationwide.

With the devastating cuts to both arts and music programs across LAUSD, Get-Lit offers a crucial supplement for students in this area. Their upcoming fundraiser with the Ashgrove Music Foundation titled Brave New Music seeks to raise funds for the Adopt-A School program, which would bring Get Lit’s curriculum to underserved LA County High Schools in places like Inglewood.

GUESTS: Diane Lubi Lane, Executive Director and Founder of Get Lit, Maia Mayor, 18 year old high school graduate and Get Lit Player

The Brave New Music Fundraiser happens on September 30, 2012 from 2-5 pm at 939 San Vicente Blvd, Santa Monica.

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Visit www.getlit.org for more information about the program.