Oct 11 2012

Better Than We Found It

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Thinking critically about the world we live in can be a daunting task: global warming, war, mass starvation, economic collapse, and more, are huge problems that ordinary citizens often feel overwhelmed by. Even if there is a desire to address the many ills facing society, the question often arises, “where to begin?”

In his new book, Better Than We Found It: Simple Solutions to Some of the World’s Toughest Problems, author Darrell Park challenges us by saying that not only is change by one person possible, but it can be achieved through even minimal effort.

Organized into four parts, Park addresses a myriad of issues such as alternative energy, education, healthcare and more through short, succinct chapters where he proposes very specific solutions. Each chapter details the problem, the solution, how much it costs, and what it will take to resolve it. He goes into detail about a problem we are facing, the idea he is proposing and what we as individuals can do to get there.

In Part 1, Darrell Park shows how readers can contribute through small steps. In subsequent parts, he addresses those who are interested in making more serious commitments. The book Better Than We Found It is ultimately about how people from any background can take small steps to make an impact in their society.

Examples of solutions he advocates are best described in his chapter headings, such as: “Free Hot Water from the Sun,” “Free Electricity for every electric car,” “Harnessing Social media for positive change,” “A rational tax structure to make America whole again,” and “economic growth through immigration.”

GUEST: Darrell Park has had a strong interest in solving problems in society throughout his life. He has worked as a civil servant in the White House. He has a degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University and attended Stanford Business School in California.

Visit Park’s website at www.betterthanwefoundit.com.

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