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International Herald Tribune: As Violence Continues, Rohingya Find Few Defenders in Myanmar

HONG KONG — Violence has continued this week in western Myanmar, as an apparent campaign of ethnic cleansing is being carried out against the Muslim minority group known as the Rohingya — with little response or outcry from Aung San Suu Kyi or other human rights and pro-democracy activists in the country.

A group of several thousand Burmese marched on a Rohingya village on Tuesday to force the residents there to relocate, according to a new report from Radio Free Asia. At least one person was killed when security forces fired on the mob.

Over the past 10 days, violence by extremists and vigilantes in Rakhine State has left at least 89 people dead. Nearly 30,000 people have been rendered homeless, most of them Muslims, pushed into squalid refugee camps. Countless other Rohingya have taken to the sea in a frantic exodus of houseboats, barges and fishing vessels.

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