Nov 05 2012

Subversive Thought for November 5, 2012

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While I cannot legally endorse any candidates, I CAN recommend positions on ballot measures.

DISCLAIMER: My recommendations are based on my interpretation of the language of the measures and the guest experts and organizations I trust, which are necessarily influenced by my own personal political views. Additionally, my views and recommendations do NOT necessarily reflect the views of Pacifica, KPFK or any other program or programmer on KPFK or anyone associated with or representing this station.

However you choose to vote, please educate yourself before you make any decisions one way or another – ultimately your vote is yours and yours alone.

Click here
for a detailed summary of my reasons for my positions.


Proposition 30 YES
Proposition 31 NO
Proposition 32 NO
Proposition 33 NO
Proposition 34 YES
Proposition 35 NO
Proposition 36 YES
Proposition 37 YES
Proposition 38 YES
Proposition 39 YES
Proposition 40 YES

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