Nov 07 2012

Election 2012 Results Are In – Obama Victorious, House Remains Under GOP, Senate Under Democrats, Californians Make Important Decisions

President Barack Obama won reelection last night at the end of a protracted election campaign that was the most expensive in history. Sweeping up one swing state after another, the President’s latest electoral college vote count is 303 to Mitt Romney’s 206. Obama won Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Colorado, Nevada, and Virginia. North Carolina was won by Mitt Romney, and as of this morning, the state of Florida is still too close to call. In terms of the popular vote, the election was much closer with Obama winning about 50% of all votes to Romney’s 48%. Where third party candidates were concerned, the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson beat the Green Party’s Jill Stein in most states where they were on the ballot. Johnson won between 1-3% of votes in most states while Stein captured less than a percent in most states.

Obama gave his 20 minute long victory speech last night in his home town of Chicago, a couple of hours after most TV networks had declared his re-election. Mitt Romney, who had apparently written a 1000+ word victory speech, gave his concession speech in about five minutes.


Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan has won reelection to the House, and in fact, Republicans retained their overall control of the House winning 232 seats to the Democrats’ 191. The Senate remains in control of the Democrats who now have 51 seats to the GOP’s 45. Among those Democratic Senators who won last night was Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts beating incumbent Scott Brown, and Sherrod Brown in Ohio who retained his seat against Josh Mandel. Also, in Missouri Claire McKaskill beat Republican Todd Akin, and in Indiana Joe Donnelly beat Republican Richard Mourdock. Both Akin and Mourdock had come under fire during the election campaigns for controversial comments about rape and abortion.


Voters in Maine, Maryland and Minnesota passed measures granting same-sex couples the right to marry, while Colorado and Washington passed marijuana legalization propositions. And a Florida amendment that would have limited insurance coverage of abortion for state employees failed.


And while Puerto Rican Americans cannot vote in US elections, they did pass an historic referendum favoring statehood. Sixty five percent of Puerto Ricans voted for their island home to become the nation’s fifty first state. President Obama has said he would support the popular will, however it is up to Congress to approve any change.


Here in California, voters passed Governor Jerry Brown’s temporary taxation and education funding proposition 30, and rejected millionaire Molly Munger’s alternative plan, prop 38. Fifty six percent of voters also soundly rejected proposition 32 which would have stripped unions of their political power. Californians passed the Three Strikes reform law, prop 36, while rejecting the death penalty ban, prop 34. Also rejected by voters after a blitz of campaign spending, and what proponents called deceptive advertising, was Proposition 37, the GMO labeling initiative. Proposition 33, the Mercury Insurance sponsored auto insurance initiative was rejected, while prop 35, the human trafficking initiative, passed by a large majority of 81%. Finally, voters passed prop 39 which closes tax loopholes for out-of-state corporations and funds green energy programs, and reaffirmed California’s redistricting process by passing Proposition 40.


A bitter battle over California’s 33rd Congressional district between Howard Berman and Brad Sherman resulted in a Sherman win. The two liberal Democrats were pitted against one another as a result of congressional redistricting. Also declaring victory yesterday was Jackie Lacey who is now the first African American and first woman to hold the office of LA County District Attorney. Voters also approved all three local measures, A. B, and J.* LATE BREAKING: Reports are now in that Measure J failed.

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  1. EndTheIllusionon 07 Nov 2012 at 3:59 pm

    So the voters of California in Proposition 37 decided that it was in their best interests not want to know what it is that they eat.

    Wow, I need to think about that one for a while.