Nov 26 2012

Special Report from Walmart Black Friday Protests

In the first time in the history of Walmart, store workers or associates went on strike around the United States in an attempt to better their working conditions. Protests were held in 46 states, with the largest turnout at the Paramount California Walmart which had over 1,000 demonstrators.

Police arrested 9 people outside the Paramount store for blocking traffic. They were released later that day on misdemeanor charges.

While OUR Walmart the group trying to help organize workers at the retail giant felt that the action was successful, Walmart executives tried to downplay the strike stating that only 50 or so employees had actually walked off their jobs with the rest being union organizers.

Yet Walmart had filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board last week to try and put a stop to the protests. The NLRB had not yet issued a statement by Friday. Walmart has announced that it had the busiest Black Friday sales this year and ranked number two in the nation in online sales.

Uprising correspondent Michael Casey filed this special report from the Walmart Paramount protests.

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