Dec 05 2012

How Local Organization, ‘Hunger Action LA’ Addresses Hunger in Innovative Ways

A new report by the Half in Ten campaign comprehensively examined poverty across the country and found that 16.6% of California residents fell below the official poverty line. Food insecurity in California was also found to be high with 16.2% of this state’s households unable to acquire enough food to meet the needs of all their members at some point during the year.

The Census Bureau’s recent report called Supplemental Poverty Measure found an even more grim picture. That report uses data gathered from the 2011 Census and used more realistic poverty thresholds that account for varying costs of living. The Census’ Supplemental Poverty Measure found a whopping one in four Californians are poor and that California actually ranks number one in poverty of all 50 states and Washington DC.

Predictably poverty is closely linked with hunger and food insecurity, and as the holiday season approaches, many Los Angelinos find themselves in dire situations, struggling to feed their families, paying bills, and making it through the holidays.

GUEST: Frank Tamborello, Executive Director of Hunger Action LA

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