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‘A Dark Truth’ Fictionalizes Latin American Water Wars

The government of Bolivia has announced a new investment of $227 million in water projects in the majority of its municipalities. The projects include potable water and irrigation. Under the oversight of Evo Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous President, the Latin American country has undertaken a strong leadership role in the management of its own water resources.

The moves come within a decade of the latest so-called Water Wars in parts of Bolivia that pitted foreign transnational private interests against local and indigenous populations over control of water resources. Most famously, the Water Wars of Cochabamba in 2000 led to the beginning of the end of water privatization in Bolivia. Similar water wars have played out in other Latin American countries including Ecuador.

Now, a new feature film with an all-star cast, attempts to bring to life these Latin American Water Wars. A Dark Truth, written and directed by Damien Lee, and starring Andy Garcia, Forest Whitaker, and Eva Longoria, fictionalizes the battle between corporate greed and human rights in Ecuador.

Garcia, playing the role of a former CIA agent named Jack Begosian, travels to Ecuador looking for redemption for his past misdeeds, and to investigate an allegation that a Canadian water company named Clearbec had caused a Typhus epidemic in a local village and fomented a massacre. He finds himself in touch with an environmental activist named Francisco Francis played by Forest Whitaker, whose connections with the real-life peasant farmer organization Via Campesina are revealed. Also playing a leading role is Francis’ wife, Mia, an environmental activist, played by Eva Longoria.

GUESTS: Writer and Director Damien Lee and actor Andy Garcia who plays the lead role of Jack Begosian

A Dark Truth opens exclusively this Friday at the Laemmle Monica Four-Plex, 1332 2nd Street Santa Monica. The film is also available on demand.