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Ahramonline: Egypt prosecutor-general orders arrest of ‘Black Bloc’ members

Egyptian Prosecutor-General Talaat Abdallah on Tuesday ordered the arrest of all members of the anti-state ‘Black Bloc’ group, which has made its appearance in recent anti-government demonstrations and disrupted traffic and Cairo’s Metro line.

Abdallah directed police and Egypt’s armed forces to arrest anyone suspected of being affiliated with the group. He also urged citizens to provide any information they have about the group or its members and assist in their arrest by authorities.

Charges were brought against the group by lawyer Khaled El-Masry, who accused it of inciting chaos across the country and torching the office of the Muslim Brotherhood’s website (ikhwanonline) and several pharmacies.

El-Masry’s lawsuit also accuses a handful of prominent opposition personalities with involvement in the group’s establishment. These include former presidential hopeful Hamdeen Sabbahi, his presidential campaign coordinator Sherif Ashraf, Tahrir television channel owner Soliman Amer, and television presenter Dina Abdel-Fattah.

On Tuesday, Abdallah formally launched an investigation into the allegations.

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