Feb 21 2013

The Insidious Simpson-Bowles Plan 2.0

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You’ve heard of the birthers and the truthers, and probably even the tenthers and the nullifiers. But now it’s time to meet the Simpson-Bowlers. Over the past few years, we’ve heard a lot of crackpot ideas.

First there was Donald Trump and his jolly gang of birthers, who to this day claim that President Obama was born in Kenya.

Then came the Koch-brothers-funded climate change deniers, who, despite record temperatures and unprecedented super storms, insist manmade climate change is still debatable – you know, like many of those same people said about cigarettes not causing cancer.

Finally, we have the tenthers and the nullifiers, who what to ignore federal laws they don’t like.

But none of these outlandish and nonsensical ideas are as dangerous and destructive as the “new” Simpson-Bowles “Catfood Plan 2.0.”

Yesterday, the pair introduced a rebooted, or should we say, rebaked, version of the original Simpson-Bowles “Catfood Commission” idiocy. That original plan, you’ll remember, was so bad that their own commissioners wouldn’t vote for it.

Unfortunately, the media is still in love with these irrelevant hustlers and their crazy ideas, which makes understanding the absurdity of the Simpson-Bowles plan that much harder. But let’s give it a try.

Listen to Thom Hartmann discuss the plan!


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