Apr 02 2013

Muftah: Saudi Arabia: Prosecutor Calls for the Execution of Prominent Shiite Cleric

A Saudi prosecutor has called for the crucifixion of Shiite cleric Nimer Al-Nimer, Riyadh Bureau reported. Al-Nimer has been a strong voice of criticism against the Saudi regime, known to deliver passionate speeches calling for justice and mocking the leadership in Saudi Arabia. He has inspired many Saudis to take to the streets, and has even marched alongside protestors in demonstrations in the Eastern province city of Qatif.

In July 2012, security forces arrested Al-Nimer, shooting the opposition cleric in the process. While activists complained that security forces treated Al-Nimer with brutality, government forces claimed he was fired upon for resisting arrest.

Since Al-Nimer’s detention, demonstrations in the Eastern province have continued. A number of these protests have been organized with the sole intention of demanding Al-Nimer’s release. Human Rights Watch condemned the cleric’s arrest in January 2013, describing his detention as punishment for “peaceful criticism and human rights activism.”

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