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CBS: 35 Arrested In Winona Minnesota Frac Sand Protests

WINONA, Minn. (WCCO) – Police arrested 35 protesters who shut down silica sand mining operations Monday at two facilities in Winona, Minn., authorities said.

The Winona Police Department said it first arrested 19 people at CD Corporation, located at 968 Riverview Drive. The company reportedly called authorities after protesters walked onto its property and refused to leave.

CD Corporation co-owner Dan Nisbit says the protest cost his truck drivers money.

“When something like this happens, they’re not being compensated for having to sit,” Nisbit said.

Police said the protesters were warned to leave several times before being arrested and cited on trespassing charges. The protesters were brought to the Winona County jail.
Shortly after, police responded to another, simultaneous protest at 2100 Goodview Road.

There, protesters had positioned themselves across a driveway, blocking trucks from entering what they called a “sand washing” facility. Police arrested 16 people for trespassing at this location and brought them to the county jail, too.

A press release from protesters said that more than 100 people participated in the two protests. The action was called “the largest protest against frac sand mining” to date.

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