Jul 30 2013

Bradley Manning Verdict Expected Today

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The decision that Military Judge Denise Lind makes today over the fate of Army Private Bradley Manning will have implications not just for Manning himself but for whistle blowers, the media, and possibly the future conduct of war.

After many months in prison, much of it in solitary confinement and under conditions of torture, Bradley Manning’s long-drawn out trial has come to an end. Judge Lind has refused to drop the vague charge of “aiding the enemy,” and her verdict on that charge could imply that anyone giving over any information deemed by the military to be sensitive, to anyone with an internet connection is tantamount to “aiding the enemy.”

It is a charge that potentially carries the death penalty*. Supporters of Bradley Manning are awaiting the verdict with trepidation and have been organizing rallies in dozens of cities across the nation.

GUEST: Nathan Fuller, Spokesperson with the Bradley Manning Support Network

*: The government has said that the death penalty is off the table, so the highest sentence he could face would be life in prison.

Watch the video “I Am Bradley Manning” below:

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