Aug 09 2013

Women of Alexandria House: Jeanette’s Story

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In our on-going weekly series, Women of Alexandria House, Uprising producer Bipasha Shom brings you the stories of women who have lived in transitional housing. They all come from different places and have experienced a variety of challenges, but what ties them together is the courage and resilience they find within themselves as they share publicly their stories here on Uprising.

Today we feature Jeanette, a woman originally from Guam, whose faced severe domestic violence at the hands of her abusive husband. Her story is sadly typical of many women in the US today, who remain within abusive situations for longer than they would have, had they known there was a safe place to turn. Jeanette eventually left her husband and made her way, with her children, to Alexandria House.

Alexandria House in Los Angeles has helped countless women and children, offering not only transitional housing but also support for job training, legal counseling, healthcare and childcare to get back on their feet.

Today we feature the story of Jeanette, a former resident of Alexandria House.

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