Sep 03 2013

Daily News Flash with Robert Jensen on “Hemisphere Program,” NSA Spying on Brazil and Mexico Presidents, and Fukushima Contamination

Uprising’s Tuesday guest expert Robert Jensen, author and Professor of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, analyzes today’s news headlines:

A new report shows collusion between AT&T and the DEA on phone records dating as far back as 1987. The New York Times reported this weekend on the so-called Hemisphere Project, that involves local and federal drug enforcement agencies hiring employees of AT&T in order to collect phone records of AT&T customers as well as any body whose telecommunications went through an AT&T switch. The program’s scope is even greater than the NSA’s ability to gather data via the PATRIOT Act and FISA. Click here for the New York Times report about the story.

In a related story, tensions between Mexico and Brazil and the US are high over a news program in Brazil on Sunday alleging that the NSA intercepted emails, phone calls, and text messages of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. Brazil’s government has demanded a written explanation from the US, while Mexico is calling the alleged actions a serious violation of sovereignty. There is a possibility that Brazil’s President Rousseff could call off her state visit with President Obama later this year over the row. Click here for a Reuters report about the story.

The news that is emerging from Japan’s severely compromised Fukushima nuclear reactor continues to be hugely disturbing with the nuclear regulatory agency’s spokesman saying over the weekend about radioactive waste water, that “it is unavoidable to dump or release the water into the sea.” The Japanese government this morning has announced hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for a bizarre plan to build an ice wall around Fukushima to contain the radioactive waste water. Click here to read a BBC News report about the story.

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