Sep 19 2013

I am Troy Davis: New Book Tells the Story of One Family’s Battle Against the Death Penalty

Nearly two years ago, Americans across the country watched with bated breath and horror as the minutes ticked on toward the execution of Troy Davis, an African American man whose innocence of the crime he was convicted of seemed apparent to most people who examined his case.

It was his fourth execution date and he had exhausted all his appeals. Now it was up to the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Parole to grant Davis clemency.

But they did not and Troy Davis was executed by the State of Georgia. It was a terrible moment, and thousands of us watching live news proceedings on September 21, 2011, outside the execution chamber, wept silently.

Now, the story of Troy Davis and his tight-knit family, is told in a new book called I Am Troy Davis, after the familiar refrain seen on protest posters calling for his freedom.

The book, by activist and writer Jen Marlowe, was meant to be a collaboration with Troy’s sister Martina Davis-Correia, a woman who fought harder than anyone else for her brother’s freedom, but succumbed to breast cancer only two months after Troy was killed.

Marlowe based her book on in-depth interviews with Martina and Troy, and shares the deeply moving story of one family’s fight against the American death penalty system.

GUEST: Jen Marlowe, human rights activist, writer, and film maker, co-author of the book I am Troy Davis

Click here to learn more about the book.

There will be a live tweet chat on Friday September 20th from 1-2 pm EST using #IAmTroyDavis.

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3 Responses to “I am Troy Davis: New Book Tells the Story of One Family’s Battle Against the Death Penalty”

  1. John Blython 19 Sep 2013 at 12:11 pm

    Thank you for not forgetting about this story. Get ready for a rant that is all true and researched that I am in hopes will help in some way to help steer you better in the direction of truth on your program. This story means a great deal to me because it is another prime example of the manipulation of justice by people who can only be described by the word evil, these people who will manipulate the justice system to hide their own crimes and put an innocent man to death for a crime they most likely did to one of their own. Just as in the George Zimmerman case, there are untenably ample examples of gross malpractice that indicts the system of justice in America, exposing the fact that criminals run the country because they run the justice system and the Hitleresque media system directly studied under the direction of disciples of Goebbels (as they were brought into our government) that manipulates democracy. If we are to clean up America, this Toy Davis case is one where we must start investigation of all those responsible for this travesty of justice, and surely other crimes and other criminals within government will be exposed as well.

    Let me explain my serious accusations. If you remember, nine of the witnesses in the Troy Davis trial recanted, said they were manipulated into giving false testimony by the police, and pointed at the police department’s star witness as the perpetrator of the murder. This stinks to high heaven. If you can’t smell it, then you have lost the ability of one of your senses.

    The fact that the Supreme Court did not take this into account shows that the corruption goes straight to the top. The poor police officer was working at a Burger King as a security guard. Because he was willing to work such a job on the side for money shows that he was not on the take. He must have been a very good man. In light of the evidence that should have freed Troy Davis, it is much more likely that the murdered officer had made a complaint about police corruption and his murder was how he was repaid.

    We still have not gotten to the crimes of the CIA and DEA infiltrating police departments to sell drugs in the days of Iran Contra that is still happening now. How long can we continue with the status quo when all evidence points to an exceptionalism that shakes the very foundations of all of justice? How many billions of dollars worth of drugs is coming out of Afghanistan, despite the fact that the Taliban had eradicated them all before we got there? And, yes, it is true that the Afghan drug money was being laundered through the Queen and the Pope’s bank accounts.

    People are talking about gun control, but there is something else which is much more indicative of gun violence than the presence of guns!!! It is that everywhere you find the worst gun violence, you will find INVARIABLY a very crooked police department that gets more funding the more things go wrong, like Chicago where they have some of the strongest anti-gun laws on the books. I find it very strange that each and every one of these mass shooters has some kind of strange connection to the Military Industrial Complex and so many other strange coincidences that it would be folly to ignore. These staged shootings indicate that MK Ultra is still alive and well. There is much evidence to this that I can supply: video; witnesses, physical evidence, audio, and coincidences that are so out of the ordinary that it would make a statistician have an aneurysm the chances of these coincidences happening are so small.

    The crooked government will have to take the guns away before they can round up the political activists, who want to fix government, into those FEMA Camps that are on record in the halls of congress. Syria was needed to distract from Bradley Manning and Snowden and the debate we need to clean up government. Already the CIA controlled media have tried to prepare us for what comes next with reports of Syria’s ability to take down our internet, which indeed we know they do not have the ability to do. When Syria got too embarrassing, they needed another distraction. The controllers of the military found that it was the people who are their biggest obstacle for their designs on the world. Another effort to take away their constitutional rights is now underway. What they need is a new boogey man to blame the next falseflag on so they can stop the only people of taking down the U.S. military, the American People. Without the American people blocking their plans, the NWO can continue in their designs without any serious obstacle to take complete control of all of the world’s resources.

    Before we give up anymore of our rights, we need to make sure that our government is not crooked. We need transparency. We need media reform. We need to get our rights back by reversing the Patriot Act and reinvestigating 911, just as one of the members the 911 Commission recommended. Yes, we should end the death penalty, except in cases of crimes so large that they can reasonably be described as treason to our nation, such as being responsible for financial collapse due to greed and bribery, the starting of wars based on lies and other war crimes that shame our nation, torture, and the gross violation of the oath of office to protect the American people.

  2. Scoreggia Culoneon 20 Sep 2013 at 1:20 pm

    Does it mention the bloody clothes, with the policeman’s DNA all over them, his mother was washing to hide his crime, when the police busted in to arrest him or is it just a completely biased book? Unfortunately, because of the bust in, they were inadmissible. I’m so happy he got what he deserved.

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